Increase Efficiency with Better AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance To Increase System Efficiency

It is easy to take the unseen heroes of a household for granted. Yet, paying mind to air conditioning maintenance will save you money on operating your unit, prevent costly breakdowns and resulting repairs, and keep temperatures cooler as a result. Think of AC maintenance as having rewards, and read on to learn tips to make your AC more energy efficient through regular maintenance.

Let’s review some of the basic functioning of a typical HVAC system, to help illuminate how preventative maintenance. It also functions to familiarize yourself with the AC maintenance processes and what you can take on yourself, and what maintenance tasks are best left to professional HVAC technician.

How HVAC Works
HVAC has two main parts, which are the condenser and the evaporator. The condenser sits outside and the evaporator coil is located up above the furnace. It is placed at the junction where it adjoins with the ducts. There, the air conditioning is connected to the forced-air system. This involves a blower, ductwork, and a motor, which work together to blow the cool air throughout your home. These components are likewise integral to getting heat throughout the home as well.

Replacing or repairing A/C systems is costly, inconvenient, and may involve a lot of unknowns. It becomes a reality for you if you skip out on the maintenance routine.

Be mindful and aware of your A/C system and maintain the system so it does not have to work too hard. Overworking the system is a sure way to wear it down faster. If the A/C is constantly clicking on and then off within a few minutes it is one sure sign that something is wrong. If your A/C is constantly running it also signifies problems. Yet, it may not be a big fix, instead a simple one. Though, hiring an HVAC technician will alleviate the problem much faster than waiting until there is a whole system failure.

Clean air filters or change them as needed. Check monthly for the first few months. You will notice maybe quarterly or every other month that the filter needs to be fully replaced. The rest of the months it is good practice to clean it.

It is easy to do, and one way to prevent expensive repairs. The problem with a dirty air filter is that it allows the big particulate matter to hit the fan, literally. Debris disrupts the normal operation of the fan, providing a drag on it from the added weight, requiring more energy to function. It results in higher cooling bills and causes unnecessary wear and tear on the machine’s components.

Another excellent way to keep a machine operating at its best, while improving the flow of cooling air is to keep the air ducts clean. Air ducts will experience a restricted air flow if the ducts are clogged. It is one thing that will cause you to have to run the machine more and costs you more money. If the buildup of debris and dust in the air ducts is serious enough it can cause the motor to die on a system. The same is true for the A/C system’s fan. Keep it free from debris to prevent major system burnouts while improving efficiency.

Regularly Schedule Maintenance
A great way to establish rapport and decide whether you like a company is by hiring them for preventative maintenance. Most HVAC companies have AC maintenance plans, where they can come out once or twice per year to evaluate the heating or cooling system. At that time, they check blowers, condensers, motors, evaporators, wiring, and hoses. They will also look at the ductwork, and can answer questions as well. It prevents serious breakdowns that are costly, lengthens the life of the system while it also gets the system in gear for another cooling season.

It gives you the added benefit to see how you like the company and establishes a relationship. It may also put you at the front of the line if you ever experience an emergency, and provide discounted services, just for keeping on a regular maintenance schedule.

Check filters, have regularly scheduled AC maintenance appointments set, and have the duct work cleaned with regular frequency as well. All of these efforts will go a long way to preserving and keeping your machine working efficiently.

Tips to Know When Scheduling for an AC Repair & Maintenance

Air Conditioning Tips – When To Schedule for Repair & Maintenance

If you ask HVAC experts the key things you could do to avoid expensive repairs as well as increasing the life of your air conditioning system, they will all answer you without a doubt that regular scheduled cleaning and preventive maintenance is the way.

air conditioningKeep in mind that these people have the knowledge, experience and the expertise to handle your ventilation, heating and cooling systems. This is the main reason, why you are advised to consider seeking the service of a professional rather than trying doing it yourself.

The Importance of Preventive Maintenance

During summer, the temperature in the house becomes unbearable if your air conditioning system does not work efficiently. This is the importance of timing when it comes to scheduling system maintenance and repair works. This will prevent your system from permanent breakdowns, which will cost you a lot of money replacing or repairing. At the same time, the cost of energy does increase with time and if a system is not properly maintained, it will tent to consume a lot of money simply to operate.

When to Schedule an Air Conditioning Service

Keep in mind that during winter, your HVAC system works tirelessly to keep you and your family warm and comfortable. With summer around the corner, your system will work as hard to also keep you and your family cool and comfortable. With this in mind, your device will work around three seasons straight and two of the seasons are the most vital.

For this reason, you should consider having your system maintained in between seasons. For example, you should consider having it maintained between winter and well before summer. It is advisable having it done when the temperatures are nice outside and nicer than they are in winter and cooler than it will be in summer.

For you to maintain your system, you must call a professional. After you have made an appointment with a technician, they will come over to look at few things. In most cases, they will:

• Replace and clean the air filter
• Clearing any debris in the compressor housing
• Removing any blockages in the grills and ductwork
• Tightening screws that could be loose

In most cases, the HVAC technician will have some type of a maintenance checklist when they are performing the service. In a nutshell, it does not matter the kind of maintenance they have done, or the repairs they have done, all this will guarantee that your air conditioning system will work throughout the season without any problems.

If you consider that, your system has a lot of things to do with health and comfort, the little amount that you will spend will go a long way in ensuring that you live comfortably. On the other hand, it does ensure that you breathe clean air, which is a plus to those with allergic reactions and/or asthma. All this comes to the issue of hiring the right technician that will do the right or professional job.


If you have never hired a professional air conditioning technician, contractor or service, then you will need to do a bit of research first the best in the market. They must be professionals, licensed, insured, and bonded to do the work. On the other hand, you should consider choosing a company that is local. All this is aimed at ensuring that you not dealing with some fly-by-night companies. It does also ensure that the work is done correctly.

Summer Plumbing Tips

Plumbing Tips For Summer

The more the fun you have outdoors the more the dirty clothes you have to contend with. Check the hoses in your washing machine for cracks, leaks, or bulges and ensure that you remove dryer lint frequently. Keep in mind that washing machine hoses require replacement approximately every 3 years.

To prevent damage and kinking, move the washing machine at least 4 inches from the wall and never leave the house when the washer is running

The ductwork can sweat from condensation in humid weather. If your drains are not clear, this can cause a backup. Condensation can also be due to leaks in the seams. Ensure that you don’t have water in the drain pan if you have an attic installation. In case you have water, call Rescue Rooter/ARS today, since this can save your ceiling.

plumbingAfter your cookout, be mindful of what you put down the kitchen disposal. Most of them aren’t equipped to handle banana peels, celery, cornhusks, or other fibrous foods. Some other items to avoid are cooking oils or fats since they form clogs in the pipes. Before and after putting anything down the disposal to flush it through, run cold water at full pressure for at least 15 seconds. Avoid putting potato mixes, instant stuffing or similar foods down your drain since they create an instant clog as soon as you add water. You should also avoid eggshells, rice, and pasta.

While on vacation, one of the best tips for saving both energy and money is to turn up the temperature of the refrigerator and turn down the temperature of the water heater. Obviously, you should remove highly perishable foods such as meat and dairy products from the refrigerator first.

To ensure that your plumbing system runs efficiently, the best defense is to schedule annual maintenance inspections and keeping on top of the system before it is too late or when you actually need them the most.

The Next Big Thing: The Future of Energy Efficient HVAC Systems.

HVAC Systems – The Next Big Thing, The Future of Energy Efficient

Canadians can benefit from improving their homes’ energy efficiency. By opting to cap the energy they use for heat and air conditioning, it is possible for the nation to reduce is fossil fuel consumption and their carbon footprint. Moreover, the efforts will be a step in the right direction because it will see a significant drop in utility bills. Keep reading and discover the new technologies that will soon be a means through which we can save both money and energy for our heat and AC systems

Heating & Air Conditioning Has a Promising Future

The Ministry of Energy previewed some breakthroughs in the new future that may places Canada a step closer towards achieving is energy efficiency ambitions.

Smart Homes to Get Smarter

HVAC SystemsAs the home efficiency market embraces the use of smart technology, the coming years will have notable changes. For instance, smart thermostats with customized control will be to manage an entire HVAC system while saving on energy consumption. Smart homes are also projected to have sensor systems that have the capacity to note ambient conditions and re-adjust the heat and air conditioning to preferred seating with higher proximity.

Increased Popularity for Heat Pumps

Most homes use heat pumps as a part of their heat and AC system. However, the advances in new technology may see these pumps have a lesser energy consumption compared to traditional electric heaters. The market will soon have energy efficient heat pumps that run on gas with low emission burners.

Revolutionary Windows

Windows are important features for insulation as well as aesthetics. With the new technology, windows being designed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory will be able to seal in air and inbuilt sensors designed to shade windows automatically to block out or leverage the sun’s excess heat.

Improved Home Insulation

Because it helps in the heat and AC system energy conservation efforts, insulation will continue to play an important part. Advancements in the foam insulation technology will see improvements with more environmentally friendly insulation materials that offer a better buffering of homes from the outside.

Reflective Roofs

When thinking of heat and air conditioning for the home, most homeowners are less likely to think of the roles played by roofs. However, these are essential features of a house that play a significant role in blocking, absorbing, and dispersing heat. Advancements in reflective roofing will introduce a revolutionary option that will see the sun’s rays bounce off the roof that keeping the house cool during those hot summer days.

Invest in Efficient HVAC Systems Today

If you think that your home can do with some central air conditioners or a new furnace, then make plans to get this today. Some of the new technology mentioned above are in the trial phases, but much is still to be done, and the technology is still years ahead of its time. As such, you can still make due with some of the existing HVAC equipment that is also energy efficient. Get in touch with a HVAC expert if you need assistance picking something suitable for your home.

Winter Tips for Heating Up Hardwood Floors Without Causing Any Damage

Heating Up Hardwood Floors Without Causing Any Damage

Hardwood flooring is among the chic flooring options for a home. However, the material (wood) is susceptible to cold and heat, elements that can cause the floor boards to warp if caution is not exercised when heating the floor to keep it warm. This piece offers some insight on you can still manage to run your heat and AC system without causing any damage to your chic hardwood floors

The Comfort vs. Aesthetics Enigma

Having thick wool socks when heading to the bathroom during cold mornings isn’t something many would love doing. But, the issue is maintaining warm floors during winter, and this can prove to be quite tricky for some people. Even so, it is still possible to warm up floors using a radiant floor heating system, but they only work best for tile or stone floors. Using the system on timber floors will cause the wood to warp; thus, many homeowners do not use the system.

HeatingWhile some homes may opt to use the conventional forced-hot-air systems, these also pose some level of risk especially is the heating is turned too high, and the humidity levels are not monitored. If you are looking for an option that will make your beautiful floor more comfortable, then consider the following tricks:

Always Update the Insulation

Insulation, and having one that is up to par is the first cause of action to take when seeking ways to keep your home warm. Your existing insulation before the winter sets in should not leak any heat to the outdoors and it should be complemented with high-quality, energy-efficient doors and windows. In so doing, you will only need to set your thermostat to a low temperature to warm up your house, which will lower your energy bills.

Spread A Thick Rug

While we hate covering beautiful hardwood flooring with rugs, it is an option that will keep the surface under your feet warm and reduce the risk of the timber cracking, bending or warping. It is only an option to get you through the cold of winter. Use a thick rug to offer you enough comfort as you walk around the house barefoot. A quick tip – give the flooring a new layer of finish before you spread the rugs on it as it will help it longevity of the floor as well as insulation.

Maintain The Right Humidity Levels

You risk damaging your floors in the humidity in the house is below 30 percent. Use a humidifier is your house dries out when running the heat and AC system. Invest in a good quality humidifier when installing your heat and AC system. It will make the home more comfortable while protecting your chic hardwood flooring.

Common Signs and Causes of a Clogged Sewer Line

Clogged Sewer Line Common Signs and Causes

It’s a fact that nobody likes to think about cleaning the sewer lines due to their nasty conditions. Well, if your home has a sewer line, then you know there will come a day when you will have to deal with it. Having sewer backups in your home is probably the most unsanitary and detrimental sewer problem. A smart homeowner will take precautions and deal with the issues before they become problematic and to do that, they must first learn the signs that the sewer lines needs cleaning. So, here are a couple of warning signs and causes of a clogged sewer line:

Major Warning Signs That Slow Drainage Is as A Result of Clogging in The Sewer Line

1. Be on the look for percolating bubbles in the toilet and gurgling noises in the drains.

Clogged Sewer LineThe bathroom is the first place that will give you signs of a clogged sewer line. You might start noticing bubbles percolating from the drain in the toilet or you might hear noises from the bathtub drains or the toilet. These two issues are distinct signs that the root of the problem is in the sewer line.

2. The backed up sewer line will start to bring debris along with the water that goes into the toilet.

When the conventional drainage systems are backed up, they just bring back clear water and the water does not stink. However, the opposite is true when it comes to sewer line backing up issues. You might start to notice gravel, sand and even feces coming back to your toilet. This is a clear sign that the sewer line needs cleaning.

The Common Causes of Clogs in the Sewer Lines

#1 Large Debris

Items like thick toilet paper, sanitary napkins, cloths and other significantly large items can cause clogging when flushed down the sewer line.

#2 Tree Roots

This is perhaps the common cause of clogs in the drainage systems. Tree roots can grow inside pipes or cause small cracks and find their way into the pipes. When they grow, they cause a drainage problem and they can be particularly difficult to deal with when cleaning the sewer line.

#3 Cleaning The Sewer Lines

If you are going to take the task on your own, it is important that you dress appropriately. This is a nasty job and you need to protect yourself from human excrement. So, cover any exposed parts of your skin, wear googles to protect your eyes, a mask and a pair of rubber gloves.

If you are using a snake for the cleaning, you will need to access the sewer line from the access port marked in the yard. All you need to do is remove the cap and start the job from that point.

Due to the nature of this job, you might not have the courage or the skills to complete the task in the correct way. As such, it is highly recommended that you use a professional plumber for the best results.

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