Increase Efficiency with Better AC Maintenance

It is easy to take the unseen heroes of a household for granted says Yet, paying mind to air conditioning maintenance will save you money on operating your unit, prevent costly breakdowns and resulting repairs, and keep temperatures cooler as a result. Think of AC maintenance as having rewards, and read on to learn tips to make your AC more energy efficient through regular maintenance.

Let’s review some of the basic functioning of a typical HVAC system, to help illuminate how preventative maintenance. It also functions to familiarize yourself with the AC maintenance processes and what you can … read full article

Tips to Know When Scheduling for an AC Repair & Maintenance

Air Conditioning Tips – When To Schedule for Repair & Maintenance

If you ask HVAC experts the key things you could do to avoid expensive repairs as well as increasing the life of your air conditioning system, they will all answer you without a doubt that regular scheduled cleaning and preventive maintenance is the way.

Keep in mind that these people have the knowledge, experience and the expertise to handle your ventilation, heating and cooling systems. This is the main reason, why you are advised to consider seeking the service of a professional rather than trying doing it yourself.

The … read full article

Summer Plumbing Tips

Plumbing Tips For Summer

The more the fun you have outdoors the more the dirty clothes you have to contend with. Check the hoses in your washing machine for cracks, leaks, or bulges and ensure that you remove dryer lint frequently. Keep in mind that washing machine hoses require replacement approximately every 3 years (see

To prevent damage and kinking, move the washing machine at least 4 inches from the wall and never leave the house when the washer is running.

The ductwork can sweat from condensation in humid weather. If your drains are not clear, this can … read full article

The Next Big Thing: The Future of Energy Efficient HVAC Systems.

HVAC Systems – The Next Big Thing, The Future of Energy Efficient

Canadians can benefit from improving their homes’ energy efficiency. By opting to cap the energy they use for heat and air conditioning, it is possible for the nation to reduce is fossil fuel consumption and their carbon footprint. Moreover, the efforts will be a step in the right direction because it will see a significant drop in utility bills. Keep reading and discover the new technologies that will soon be a means through which we can save both money and energy for our heat and AC … read full article

Winter Tips for Heating Up Hardwood Floors Without Causing Any Damage

Heating Up Hardwood Floors Without Causing Any Damage

Hardwood flooring is among the chic flooring options for a home. However, the material (wood) is susceptible to cold and heat, elements that can cause the floor boards to warp if caution is not exercised when heating the floor to keep it warm. This piece offers some insight on you can still manage to run your heat and AC system without causing any damage to your chic hardwood floors.

The Comfort vs. Aesthetics Enigma

Having thick wool socks when heading to the bathroom during cold mornings isn’t something many would love doing. … read full article

Common Signs and Causes of a Clogged Sewer Line

Clogged Sewer Line Common Signs and Causes

It’s a fact that nobody likes to think about cleaning the sewer lines due to their nasty conditions. Well, if your home has a sewer line, then you know there will come a day when you will have to deal with it. Having sewer backups in your home is probably the most unsanitary and detrimental sewer problem. A smart homeowner will take precautions and deal with the issues before they become problematic and to do that, they must first learn the signs that the sewer lines needs cleaning. So, (shared by experts from … read full article

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