August 2021

Website Design & Devlopment

Design and development of CrowdFund's website.


Website Design & Development

Project Duration

2 weeks

Project Overview

Due to the tight deadline of this project, this is something we usually don't take on as we like to allow more time for more thorough and thoughtful work to serve our clients better. For this website, we were up for the challenge!

The objectives of this project:

  • Fun, modern & simple design
  • 3-D illustrations
  • 2 week deadline
  • Stand out from competitors
  • Maximize startup & investor sign ups
  • Clear call to actions


As always, this project was completed in three main steps:

  • The planning stage included discussion on the expectations of the site, appearance, how it's going to be used, must-have elements, budget, etc.
  • The designing stage is where we design and create a mockup version of the website in editing software; this allows for more flexibility and more accessibility to make revisions.
  • The development stage is where we take what we've created in our editing software and put it into our development software, where we make the design come to life!


After we completed the development stage and all revisions were made, this is the final product!

The layout includes:

  • Home
  • Discover
  • About
  • Become An Investor
  • Contact Us
  • Get Started

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